Panama Geisha

Jasmine, apple, strawberry, & peach


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We set out to discover unique and exotic Specialty Coffees from remote Latin America and create roasts that accentuate the character of these coffees. We found this rare exemplary coffee varietal grown in micro-lots at high elevation on the slopes of Volcán Barú National Park, a majestic region surrounded by diverse ecosystems. Geisha is the champion of coffee varietals because of the rich black soil, altitude, and ideal climatic conditions. We are sharing this Geisha coffee as a gentle roast to accentuate its delicate notes of jasmine, strawberries, peaches and floral aroma.



Region: Volcán Barú National Park - Panama
Processing: Washed
Cultivar(s): Arabica Geisha Private Collection
Elevation: 1,850 meters
Certification: Rainforest Alliance
Awards: Best of Panama



  • Aguacero Private collection Geisha. This coffee is unique and complex. 100% Panama Specialty Grade.
  • Flavourful champion of all coffee varietals with delicate notes of jasmine, fresh strawberries, sweet peaches and floral aroma.
  • Enjoy this single origin limited edition coffee hot or cold. It will brighten your day. You will be going back for more.
  • Each bag contains 12-ounce Aguacero Roast whole bean Geisha. Use cold filtered water for best brew. Store roasted beans in a cold dark place.
  • Specialty 100% Arabica beans are ethically sourced from award winning micro Lots and roasted in Seattle to unique flavors.
  • Aguacero Coffee Company is committed to give back part of the sale of this product to social programs at communities where the coffee originated.