House Blend

Sweet cherry, caramel, and cocoa



| (12oz bag)

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This is a unique blend of an award winning Latin America coffees sourced from micro-lots. Single origin beans are blended and roasted to exhibit an infusion of rich flavors. This blend delivers delicate notes of sweet cherry, caramel and cocoa.



Region: Latin America
Processing: Natural
Cultivar(s): Catuaí/Traditional
Elevation: 1,500 meters



  • Aguacero House Blend is a unique combination of exceptional beans to deliver unique and well-balanced flavors with a perfect mouth finish.
  • This blend is packed with flavors of sweet cherry with complementary notes of nuts and cocoa.
  • A sweet and approachable cup. Enjoy this blend of single origin coffees hot or cold, black or with milk. it is very delicious. You will be looking forward to it for your morning coffee.
  • Each bag contains 12-ounce of Aguacero House Blend whole bean coffee. Use cold filtered water for best brew. Store roasted beans in a cold dark place.
  • Specialty 100% Arabica beans are ethically sourced from award winning micro Lots and roasted in Seattle to unique flavors.
  • Aguacero Coffee Company is committed to give back part of the sale of this product to social programs at communities where the coffee originated.