Brazilian Medium Roast

Dark chocolate, caramel, and honey



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We set out to discover unique and exotic specialty coffees from remote Latin America. We found an exceptional coffee grown in micro-lots at ideal climate and rich soil. The farms are located in the breathtaking outskirts of the Caparaó National Park. These single-origin beans are roasted to exhibit the essence of what makes high quality coffee so special. When roasted medium, the coffee delivers hints of dark chocolate, honey, and creamy butterscotch finish.



Region: Microregion of Alto Caparaó
Processing: Natural
Cultivar(s): Red Catuaí
Elevation: 1,200 meters
Certification: Certifica Minas Specialty Coffee
Awards: Concurso Caparaó (5th Place)



  • These coffee beans have originated from small coffee farms and have gone through a rigorous selection and quality-testing process. The coffees are manually picked at the optimum ripeness and dried in suspended beds.
  • Aguacero Medium Roast Specialty Brazilian coffee beans exhibit unique character and smooth finish.
  • Enjoy this single origin coffee hot or cold, black or with milk. it is very delicious. You will be going back for more.
  • Each bag contains 12-ounce of Aguacero Medium Roast whole bean coffee. Use cold filtered water for best brew. Store roasted beans in a cold dark place.
  • Specialty 100 % Arabica beans are ethically sourced from award winning micro Lots and roasted in Seattle to unique flavors.
  • Aguacero Coffee Company is committed to give back part of the sale of this product to social programs at communities where the coffee originated.