Brazil – MG – Caparaó – Specialty Catuaí 44

Caramel, chocolate, red fruits & floral


This beautiful award-winning coffee achieved 5th place at Concurso Caparaó. The estate produces one of the best coffees in the region because of the micro-climates conditions of the Atlantic Forest and rich soil. The area is surrounded by the Caparaó National Park natural resources and its ecosystem. These small family farms use the best agricultural practices to constantly improve quality and yield. The Catuaí 44 varietal is manually picked when coffee cherries are fully ripe, carefully sorted to quality, and dried naturally on suspended beds.



Region: Brazil, MG - Caparaó
Processing: Natural
Screen: 16/17
Cultivar(s): Catuaí 44
Elevation: 1,200 meters
Awards: Concurso Caparaó (5th Place)



  • Specialty 100% Arabica beans are ethically sourced from award winning micro Lots.
  • Aguacero Coffee Company is committed to give back part of the sale of this product to social programs at communities where the coffee originated.
  • Also available in 60 kg bags ($6.5/kg for one 60 kg bag plus shipping), ($6/kg for five or more 60 kg bags, plus shipping), (Shipping will be FOB Seattle)