Marcio da Cruz

Chief Operating Officer

Marcio da Cruz is a talented professional with a distinguished career in food processing and safety. He is a self-starter with over twenty-five years experience. He has led multiple large-scale initiatives which focused on product differentiation in food manufacturing, process engineering, research and development, co-pack management, marketing and sales. Marcio developed breakthrough ideas in food processing. He is co-developer of nine patents in coffee and beverage processing. In addition, he has strong relationships with colleagues in various segments of the U.S. and Brazilian food industry. Marcio is a master in soluble and roasted coffee processes as well as savory applications. He possesses excellent technical skills in high pressure and other pasteurization processes, flavor extractions, hot fill, nutraceutical and dehydration processes. In addition, he has expert knowledge in frozen fruit and vegetables applications, as well as purees, nutritional bars and chocolate product development.