Brasil Matas de Minas #2

Catuaí 44 Natural

This family owned property in the Caparaó micro-climate region of Matas de Minas is at an excellent location, positioned to produce high quality specialty coffees. The award-winning coffee farm, (2017 Concurso Senar Matas de Minas, 5th Place) is at 1250 meters altitude. The coffee producing family business works to differentiate quality and productivity through responsible and sustainable practices. The handcrafted coffees are carefully hand-picked from coffee trees. Silvestre Catuai 44 coffee varietals usually have sweet aroma and a soft acidity. The body of the cup is creamy with hints of papaya and lime, and the finish is clean and smooth.

Coffee Fact Sheet
Coffee Varietal Catuaí 44
Method: Natural
Elevation: 1250 meters
Screen: 16/17
Projected SCA Grade: 85
Available: September 2018
Awards: Concurso Senar Matas de Minas: (5th Place)