Brasil Minas Gerais-Caparaó

Catuaí 44 Natural Cherry & Washed

This coffee is grown in the region of “Matas de Minas”, a Microregion of Alto Caparaó, which produces one of the 150 best coffees in Brazil (Coffee of the Year 2017.) The Catuai 44 coffee varietal achieved a 6th place in the Quality Competition of Caparaó. The award-winning coffee estate (Concurso Caparaó, 5th Place), produces one of the best coffees in the region because of the micro-climates conditions of the Atlantic Forest. The area is surrounded by the Caparaó National Park natural resources and its ecosystem.

The property owners excel for their organization and environmental leadership. The coffee farm sits at an altitude of 1180 meters. The coffee producer, works in collaboration and partnership with other families, to seed, grow, and harvest the land. The coffees are manually picked, carefully ripe, dried in suspended beds. The coffee flavor exhibits caramel notes, chocolate, red fruits, floral and hints of molasses.

Coffee Fact Sheet
Coffee Varietal Catuaí 44
Method: Natural Cherry & Washed
Elevation: 1180 meters
Screen: 16/17
Projected SCA Grade: 85
Certification: Certifica Minas Specialty Coffee
Awards: Concurso Caparaó (5th Place)
Available: February 2019