About Us

Marcio da Cruz

Chief Operating Officer

Sebastião Vinícius Batista Brinate

Chief Agronomist

Urano Robinson

Chief Business Officer

Mission & Vision

Mission statement:

Aguacero Coffee enables coffee growers to create value, improve lives, and drive environmental stewardship through inspirational and sustainable programs.

Vision statement:

We are a group of business leaders, innovators and scientists with the purpose to connect coffee growers to roasters, wholesalers, retailers, and coffee connoisseurs. We strive to establish sustainable programs to improve coffee quality, productivity, and create jobs, improve lives, and drive environmental stewardship.

Our Story

Traveling through Latin American helped us to understand some of the global coffee crises that are destroying livelihoods, undermining the emotional bonding of families, and threatening ecology. It is disheartening to know that only a handful of children in coffee growing communities complete the six grade, with a significantly smaller figure finishing high school. A large portion of rural coffee areas lacks safe water, electricity, and basic needs. Water, energy, and sanitation crises are health crises.

Aguacero is committed to returning, through a foundation, part of the profits to the partnered coffee growers as well as their communities. Our goal is to team up with coffee-growers in Brazil and Panama who have aspirations to champion sustainable initiatives that improve lives, and elevate coffee culture, quality and productivity.

Our purpose is to leverage our knowledge, years of experience in the industry, and networks to help coffee growers with:

  • Technical sound agricultural assistance through our coffee agronomist..
  • Providing market access and promotion for their specialty coffees.
  • Incentives to committed growers, through our Company foundation, with resources for process improvements and quality.
  • Participation, with financial resources, towards community programs aimed at education, nutrition, and sanitation.

Guiding Principles

We Aspire To...

  1. Establish sustainable practices to process premium specialty coffees.
  2. Drive socio-economic, and cultural programs to help coffee growers, the community and its surroundings.
  3. Educate coffee growers to improve quality & yield to drive profitability through sound practices.
  4. Implement creative measures to reduce waste, improve water quality and conserve energy.
  5. Use ethical sourcing practices to improve farmer lives, working conditions and market access through value added supply chain.
  6. Develop and form business relationships with coffee roasters to promote sustainable growth.
  7. Be dedicated to coffee growers and coffee suppliers by conducting business ethically, respectfully, and responsibly.